So you are purchasing your dream home, an investment property, a new business, transferring your title to a loved one, organising a commercial lease or any number of other business or financial transactions…. Make sure you are working with someone who will work with you to get the best result.

Direct Conveyancing are the experts in property and financial transactions, with over 20 years conveyancing experience we have seen it all and we will work to make sure that your transactions occur seamlessly.

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This is what we do for you the Purchaser:

  • Take initial instructions from the client and advise client to get insurance cover immediately. (unless strata in play)
  • Send letter of engagement to the client to sign and on return. formally open matter and set up a file.
  • Carefully read the contract, Form 1 and any ancillary documents.
  • Ensure you the purchaser are getting the correct property — eg. client signed plan for land or community/strata property.
  • Obtain appropriate statutory searches & check contract and Form 1 against searches. Get instructions if appropriate.
  • Diarise date conditions, due and settlement date.
  • Ascertain if the property is to be owner occupier or for investment purposes.
  • Consider if client needs GST or other TAX, legal or professional advice and obtain instructions.
  • Ascertain if there are any ‘Stamp Duty” concessions available to client.
  • Ascertain if the Purchaser is a ‘First Home Buyer’.
  • Ascertain the manner in which joint purchasers are to hold the property.
  • Confirm conditions of contract are fulfilled by parties by due dates.
  • Ensure that any encumbrance on the title is dealt with appropriately and get purchaser to sign off that they understand.
  • Confirm finance arrangements with Purchaser and deal accordingly with lender.
  • Obtain Company details from ASIC or any corporations.
  • Prepare transfer and any required documents (eg. applications)
  • Send copy of transfer to lender for preparation of mortgage documents.
  • Send transfer to Vendors conveyancer.
  • Stamping of the transfer.
  • Confirm the amount to be provided by lender at Settlement.
  • Advise Purchaser to liaise with Agent to arrange collection of keys after settlement.
  • Advise Purchaser to arrange for utilities and telephone to be put in Purchaser’s name.
  • Order SA Water special meter reading certificate.
  • Adjust rates, taxes and any community or strata levy.
  • Prepare Purchaser’s settlement statement.
  • Do trust account reconciliation calculations.
  • Send settlement statement to Purchaser requesting balance of funds.
  • Receive funds from Purchaser and bank into trust account.
  • Receive cheque details from Vendor’s Conveyancer.
  • Calculate cheques required for settlement.
  • Advise cheques details to lender.
  • Book settlement with Vendor’s conveyancer and Lender.
  • Stamp and certify transfer.
  • Draw bank cheques from trust account (if required) for settlement.
  • Check search Certificate of Title immediately before settlement.
  • Attend and complete settlement at Lands Title Office.
  • Advise Purchaser by telephone of completion of settlement.
  • Send settlement confirmation letter to Purchaser.
  • Send change of ownership letters to rating authorities and any community strata corporation.
  • Calculate usage from special meter reading, pay appropriate amount to SA Water to put purchaser into credit and advise Vendor’s conveyancer.
  • Do trust account journal entries and reconcile.
  • Prepare final account for fees and trust account statement, then send to client.
  • Check search Certificate of Title to confirm registration of transfer.
  • Obtain a copy of the Title showing Purchaser as registered proprietor and send to client.

Young couple moving into a new home
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