So you are selling your home and you need someone to make all of the legal stuff happen?

Direct Conveyancing is a South Australian family owned and run conveyancing firm which will be working towards your best interests by being up front with all of our costings and being compliant with the current legislation required for your transaction to be completed.

What we do for the Vendor in a Property Transaction

  • Order all relevant Statutory Government Searches (if requested direct from Vendor)
  • Check all contracts and Form 1 information
  • Open File with all correct information
  • Advise all parties in writing that “Direct Conveyancing” is acting for you
  • Check all relevant endorsements on the title and order relevant documents; caveats, mortgage, encumbrances. To ensure they are correct
  • Check that all special conditions have been complied with and advise
  • Advise the Mortgagee of the pending settlement
  • Ascertain pay out amounts
  • Prepare all legal documentation for transfer which includes;
    • Authorities
    • Change of Ownership forms (Council + Strata or Community Manager)
    • Legal Transfer documents (to be lodged at Land Titles Office or Electronically)
    • Discharge of Mortgage Authorities
    • Payment Authorities
    • Settlement Statement
  • Liaise with all relevant parties involved being the Bank, Agent, Purchasers Conveyancer/Solicitor etc
  • Book settlement with the bank and all relevant parties and attend at the Land Titles Office (settlement may take 1 – 2 hours to complete if not completed eletronically)
  • Advise all parties that settlement has been completed
  • Post, Bank or delivery of all monies due to Vendor after settlement
  • Photocopy and Post all change of ownership forms
  • Post and draw cheques for payment of nay outstanding Rates and Taxes
  • Post and draw cheque for Agent fees
  • Post and draw cheques for any Government Fees for Settlement

If Settlement is delayed your conveyancer may need to do the following:

  • Arrange for license to occupy documentation
  • Liaise with Bank in regards to penalties and delays
  • Liaise with Purchasers Solicitor/Conveyancer any Penalties that may be due and payable
  • Rebook all relevant parties to Settlement
  • Recalculate statements and payout figures

We can’t be any more transparent than this!
To get an honest quote for our conveyancing services get in touch:
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