Do you need a Verification of Identity (VOI) Service?

VOI, VOA and CA Statements for Professionals

If you are a Conveyancer, Finance Broker or a Lawyer, Direct Conveyancing can be your legally compliant outsourced supplier for VOI, VOA and CA Statement Face to Face interviews and Certificate generation.

Direct Conveyancing offer a competitive VOI, VOA and CA Statement face to face interview service for conveyancers, finance brokers and legal firms.

The VOI, VOA and CA statement collection service is fully compliant with current legislation and Direct Conveyancing will safely deliver your required certificate by email within hours of the completion of the face to face interview process along with supporting documentation for your peace of mind and records.

Direct Conveyancing only use professionals to conduct our VOI, VOA and CA interviews. Our process follows the TrueID VOI software specifications making for a safe and secure Verification of Identity, Verification of Authority or Client Authority Statement capture and recording of documentation.

VOI, VOA & CA Statement Process

The process is simple, a Direct Conveyancing employee will meet face to face with the person or people whose identity requires verification. Physical proof of identity documents will be sighted and digitally recorded along with a recording of the subjects physical likeness. All of the documentation is collated and if the interview provides proof of identity a certificate of VOI, VOA or a CA Statement will be created.

Face to face VOI, VOA and CA service